job Creation

Many of our facilities are Reclaiming Abandoned Mines: We chose sites which would only improve the communities and the environment in which they exist. 

One thing that Abandoned Coal mines and Pumped Storage Generation have in common: They are surrounded by Coal Miners who want to get to work. 

Improving the environment 

Renewable Energy

 distributed GRID storage in the pjm interconnection

Our facilities: Store Renewable Energy; Reduce Grid Congestion; Lower Energy Prices and Create Valuable Manufacturing and Labor Jobs.

Pumped Storage Facilities require an experienced work force to safely move the earth and install the turbines.

We develop Pumped Storage Generation Facilities adjacent to existing Renewable Energy Resources and in areas of market congestion in the PJM Interconnection.

Our innovative approach involves Distributing Grid Storage in a manner which improves PJM's ability to safely operate the grid.