Merchant Hydro Developers leveraged super computing power and an innovative concept to locate all geologic formations capable producing economically viable Pumped Storage Facilities which are either physically adjacent to installed Wind and Solar generation sites or within areas experiencing market congestion.

Renewable Energy Sources such as Solar and Wind, require storage to maximize their value potential. By co-locating our fleet of Pumped Storage Hydro facilities adjacent to wind farms, we improve the access of valuable renewable energy facilities to the grid while simultaneously delivering valuable Regulation services to the Independent System Operator, PJM.

We also site Pumped Storage Facilities in areas of market congestion which provide an ability to inject additional power where it is needed most.

About Merchant Hydro Developers

Merchant Hydro Developers is focused on installing a fleet of Distributed Pumped Storage Facilities across PJM's footprint capable of participating in PJM's Capacity and Ancillary Markets.


Our mission directly supports the efforts of The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Department Of Energy and the PJM Interconnection's efforts to deploy and financially integrate energy storage into the grid.